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New Xenia 2012

After eagerly awaited by car enthusiasts homeland in the end car manufacturer Daihatsu re-issued one of their flagship products at the end of 2011 by 2012 this. As we know the car is one of Daihatsu Xenia car that success in the market the country, proved to duet with the Toyota Avanza makes this car dubbed the car a million people, then no one coincided with the launch of the All New Toyota Avanza 2012 then launched their latest product which is All New Xenia 2012.

On this occasion we will discuss a bit about the All New Xenia 2012 | Prices and Specifications. In the second week of November 2011 Daihatsu yesterday issued a new variant of the latest Daihatsu Xenia. This is to answer the market demand on the latest series of the car is a million people.

There are enough differences between the new variant of Daihatsu Xenia and Xenia Old. Some of the advantages and advantages compared Xenia Xenia latest long: the differences in specifications such as electronic power steering, A / C double blower, seat belt in the third row seat, tilt steering, and suspension changes the character of an increasingly comfortable and soft. Then from the appearance, view the latest Xenia is more charming, with a change of grille, bumper and headlights. Indentation on the aft body is made more aerodynamic. Coupled with the renewal of a stylish rear lights.

Entry into the Interior and in his car, the cabin is more luxurious look with a new dashboard design and the use of color two-tone color. Wheel is equipped with electric power steering for added comfort plus stabilizer on the front suspension.

Not only that, this time All New Xenia has equipped the handle on the rear trunk, so to open the lid no longer be opened using a key. Changes in Xenia more complete type of X and R where the AC double blower had been prepared to pamper the passengers back row.

Car output newest all-new Daihatsu Xenia Xenia has 4 types of four variants Variant D, M, X and R. Obviously with a new variant of Xenia are some differences between the new Xenia types D, F, X and R. Differences variant latest car daihatsu variant D, M, X and R is located on the engine capacity as well as some of the features and specifications owned. For Variant D and M have a capacity of 1000 CC, whereas for the variant X and R has a capacity of 1300 CC engine. In addition, There are differences in the price of these variants.

For Sale Price Latest Daihatsu Xenia is varied. Xenia D 1.0 variants sold with price around Rp126, 6 million. As for the price of a variant type of Xenia M 1.3 sells for Rp130, 6 million. Then for the new Xenia type X 1.3 is priced at Rp141, 2 million. And the new Type R 1.3 Xenia is a variant of the highest priced at Rp145, two versions of the manual MT, while the auto AT priced at Rp156, 7.

"The increase in the price of the All New Xenia is not too high, so it is still very affordable. We are optimistic with this new specification, Daihatsu Xenia 2012 will be sold over 7,000 units per month," said Marketing Director of Astra Daihatsu Motor Amelia Tjandra in Jakarta, Friday, November 11, 2011.

All New Xenia comes with eight color choices include Icy White, Dark Steel Metallic, Light Blue Metallic, Dark Gray Metallic, Classic Silver Metallic, Gold Sand Metallic, Royal Red Metallic and Midnight Black Metallic.

Xenia 2012 price list
2012 All New Xenia 1000 CC type D

D STD Rp126, 600,000

D Rp132, 400,000

All New Xenia 2012 1.000 CC of type M

M STD Rp130​​, 600,000

M Rp141, 100,000

M FAMILY Rp148, 500,000

SPORTY M Rp149, 400,000

All New Daihatsu Xenia 1300 CC type X

X STD Rp141, 200,000

X RP143, 500,000

All New 2012 Daihatsu Xenia 1.3000 CC type R MT (Manual)

R MT STD Rp145, 200,000

R MT Rp154, 700.000

R MT FAMILY Rp162, 900.000

R MT SPORTY Rp163, 800,000

All New Xenia CC 1.3000 R type AT (Automatic)

R AT STD Rp156, 700.000

R AT Rp167, 600,000

R AT FAMILY Rp173, 000,000

SPORTY AT R Rp173, 900.000

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